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Kaitlyn Chana is a healthcare leader, journalist, philanthropist, entrepreneur, speaker and is known to many as a servant leader. Her strengths lie in the commitment and vision for the future by leveraging quantitative data in a qualitative format to forge better connections that capture the why behind our actions. Utilizing her journalism background, Kaitlyn found incorporating storytelling in the healthcare industry allows us to influence, teach, and inspire our audiences. Kaitlyn's mission is to change the world for the better.

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Kaitlyn is exceptional at emceeing live or online events for corporations, nonprofits, or parties to execute a seamless gathering that's professional, entertaining, and smooth. Kaitlyn likes to work hands-on with clients to ensure their vision is executed well before the event. She prepares by getting specifics surroundings the details of the occasion, works through programming content, and assists in communicating the event's message flawlessly. During the event, Kaitlyn arrives early to walk through the details of the program again and is an active participant to help keep the ceremony lively and informative, while giving the audience an electrifying delivery.

Head up. Stay focused. Work hard.
Let's grind!

You can put your dreams into motion! Kaitlyn can help you get the momentum to create a solid foundation so you can flourish. Whether that's preparing for your next boardroom presentation, customizing your brand elements, or appearing polished in your upcoming live event, Kaitlyn has you covered. Whether on-stage or online, Kaitlyn's engaging emcee performances will warm up the audience or viewers to prepare them for the scheduled programming. She helps set the tone, pace, and vibrancy while leveraging her storytelling abilities to make sure it's a meaningful event.

Kaitlyn Chana
"It only takes one person to move a mountain and then others will follow." – Linda Bremner

Act 1Speaker

Whether in-person or online Kaitlyn's engaging speeches are customized and catered to your audience to spark ingenuity, innovation, and collaboration. Kaitlyn delivers engaging and interactive presentations full of relevant content to help people find renewed optimism for their work and passions. Tailored conversations that blend storytelling, current research, applicable examples, and thought-provoking activities.

Act 2 Coach

New thought-process. New perspective. A new you. Today's business landscape requires people to be nimble, broaden their skill sets, and strengthen their communication. Kaitlyn's ability to host group workshops or one-to-one coaching helps provide people with the foundation needed to address this new business era.

Act 3 Producer

Taking an idea written on a piece of paper and making it come to fruition isn't an easy task. But, with the right team, resources, grit, and passion, there's no stopping Kaitlyn from helping people's purpose collide with her production knowledge. Having more than a decade in show business, Kaitlyn understands the efforts that go into launching a project, arranging the finances, and having key members of the creative team overseeing all the elements of pre-production, production, and post-production, right up to release.

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Eating Disorder Advocate

Kaitlyn is a survivor of three different eating disorders: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorders. She's an eating disorder advocate who has spoken on the national stage about this insidious mental illness. Kaitlyn is using her pain as her mission in life to help others suffering from eating disorders.

"Celebrating people who show up, speak up, and get things done. So, get ready to roll up your sleeves! Because here we go."