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Taking an idea written on a piece of paper and making it come to fruition isn’t an easy task. But, with the right team, resources, grit, and passion, there’s no stopping Kaitlyn from helping people’s purpose collide with her production knowledge. Having more than a decade in show business, Kaitlyn understands the efforts that go into launching a project, arranging the finances, and having key members of the creative team overseeing all the elements of pre-production, production, and post-production, right up to release.

Kaitlyn’s priority is to help you stand taller as you go after the desires in your heart. Whether that’s taking your business or career to the next level, preparing for your biggest interview, or learning how to leverage quantitative data in a qualitative format to tell your story.

Kaitlyn’s goal is to assist you in feeling polished and ready to enter any room and lean into conversations with confidence, grace, and accountability.

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Kaitlyn Chana

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