For more than a decade, Kaitlyn was in the fast-paced news industry, and the skills she garnished within this profession have allowed her to excel as she switched career paths. Kaitlyn wholeheartedly believes that everyone in life has a personal story; whether it is one of excitement, desperation, or hurt, these are elements that could impact and change the lives of people.

Kaitlyn believes that storytellers are the bloodlines that bring awareness to issues, allows people to start conversations, and make informed decisions that could impact their family, communities, and nation. Kaitlyn is a journalist who strives for purpose, brings truth, and helps others. She has a knack for capturing the essence of people’s emotions while showing others the adversity that was overcome.

Kaitlyn Chana
Kaitlyn Chana

Celeberate Every Body

Eating disorders don't discriminate; it doesn't matter if you're a girl or boy, young or old, black or white. Instead of hating our bodies we should learn to Celebrate Every Body. For a year, Kaitlyn worked with a team of medical professionals in Bangor, Maine to put together a series entitled, “Celebrate Every Body,” in order to educate others on this debilitating mental illness.

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