Kaitlyn is exceptional at emceeing live or online events for corporations, nonprofits, or parties to execute a seamless gathering that's professional, entertaining, and smooth. Kaitlyn likes to work hands-on with clients to ensure their vision is executed well before the event. She prepares by getting specific details of the occasion, works through programming content, and assists in communicating the event's message flawlessly.

During the event, Kaitlyn arrives early to walk through the details of the program again and is an active participant to help keep the ceremony lively and informative, while giving the audience an electrifying delivery.

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Managing an event from the stage and keeping the celebration on track is critical for a well-run gathering. We already know the unexpected will happen, and Kaitlyn makes everything look smooth to the audience's eyes, so nobody knows what's happening behind the scenes.

Kaitlyn's knack for making people feel at ease comes in handy as she skillfully interviews guests, facilitates panel conversations, or intertwines the audience's questions. In addition, she helps interconnect the discussions and the content to ensure the delivery is cohesive and comprehensible. Her journalism background has allowed Kaitlyn to interview a spectrum of people, from high-level executives to industry leaders, politicians, celebrities, and sports figures. She can help navigate interviews, so it feels like you're having a cup of coffee with the girl next door - no pressure, just a good time built from laughter and stories.

Sponsors are critical in ensuring events can happen, so Kaitlyn is phenomenal at creating impactful ways to highlight sponsors to generate more value in the partnership. Kaitlyn believes we all benefit when we can help one another by learning the meaning of why we are supporting one another's missions.

Marketing educates people about specific resources, opportunities, or benefits. Kaitlyn knows when an audience feels well-informed or connected, it leads to greater engagement. Lean on Kaitlyn to help create your pre or post-video marketing content. Kaitlyn has spent nearly fifteen years on-camera and in video production roles that could be used to develop essential marketing material for your brand.